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Spring 2014 Girls on the Run Greater Cincinnati 5K

Spring 2014 Girls on the Run Greater Cincinnati 5K



Time: 10:00 am
Venue: Paul Brown Stadium

Event Itinerary

This run/walk event is open to the public! Come and join 1500 area girls as the celebrate the culmination of their 12 week season by completing their first 5k.

Click here for an event layout map. This includes team locations, entertainment, registration, tshirt pick up, restrooms and more!

Click here for an easy FAQ's reference guide.

Click here to view and print parking details.

Click here to view and print a course map.

Click here to see the customized tips for spectators, participants and everyone alike to help make the most of your 5k day.

Click here to preview the merchandise that will be for sale at our 5k! No pre-sales; sizes and quantities may vary. Cash and credit card accepted.

Scroll down to see the Emergency Weather plan and procedure. Click here for a printable copy.

Packet Pick-Up

All girls and coaches that are currently participating in the Spring 2014 are already registered. Head coaches will pick up the t-shirts and race numbers for all girls and coaches prior to the race.

Other participants can avoid race morning congestion by picking up t-shirts and race bibs at the Girls on the Run office on Friday, May 9 10:00 am-6:00 pm. Our office is located at 3330 Erie Avenue, Suite 8, Cincinnati, OH 45208. You can park behind our office and we are located downstairs.

Packets can also be picked up at the  race  beginning at 8:00 a.m.

Course Information

This event will begin and end at Paul Brown Stadium. Click here to view and print our Spring 2014 course.

Click here for an an event layout map. This includes team locations, entertainment, registration, t-shirt pick up, restrooms and more!

Weather/Emergency Policy

GOTR 5k weather planning and procedure for May 10, 2014.

Girls on the Run Greater Cincinnati holds the safety of our participants as a top priority. We are aware of the potential for inclement weather and are doing everything we can to be prepared for such situation. We have created a clear policy and system to keep all race day participants and spectators prepared and informed if such a situation arises.

  1. The GOTR race director, executive director, and present board members will be meeting frequently throughout the morning to monitor present and approaching weather via office of National Weather Service.
  2. If there is a threat and/or we are experiencing thunder, lightning, or thunderstorms at 9:45 the race will be postponed until 10:30 to allow the threat to pass.
  3. Should the threat remain at 10:30 the GOTR 5k will be cancelled. Unfortunately, there will be no refunds due to weather situations. Look for a post-race communication regarding receiving your race t-shirt and medal.
  4. We will not begin the race if there is a chance for severe weather during the event. We will make this decision on the side of caution. The safety of the girls, participants, and spectators is far more valuable than the risk of having 4,000+ people stuck outdoors in a dangerous weather situation.

If there is a weather threat while in the staging area:

  1. All attendees should seek cover by registration on the Plaza Level of Paul Brown Stadium.
  2. Await further instruction.

If there is a weather threat while out on the race course:

  1. Should a weather threat (lightning or thunder) occur while participants are on the course, both spectators and participants should immediately seek nearby and safe shelter- a building or vehicle. Avoid metal, power lines and trees. Please wait 30 minutes from last observed lightning or thunder before leaving your safe shelter location.
  2.  All 9 cheer zones and 2 water stops will have a lead contact in direct communication with our race director to receive updates on any unexpected weather changes while participants are along the course. Seek their shelter location suggestion as needed for above mentioned weather threats.
  3. After the weather threat has passed please return to your team clipboard by most direct route (either proceeding forward or turning around) and let your coach(es) know you have returned. They will be waiting to hear from each girl on their team to make sure they have safely returned from the course.


Coaches and families: We ask and highly encourage you to distribute 1 coach phone # to each family so if they are not able to return to the team clipboard before leaving they can notify you. The ‘I finished a 5k’ check box on the clipboard will function instead as ‘I have safely returned from the race course’. 


Click here to view and print parking details.