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GOTR Cincinnati

GOTR Cincinnati

Empowering Lives Through Being a SoleMate

When asked what drew her to Girls on the Run, Hope Cantrall's response was simple yet powerful. "My friend Erin Harper has been a SoleMate for years. I attended one of her events & I was completely sold because I absolutely love what GOTR does - empowering girls, giving them an outlet, confidence and so much more. It's an incredible organization." Her friend's involvement served as a testament to the impact GOTR has on young girls, igniting Hope's passion to become a part of the movement herself.

For Hope, training as a SoleMate has transformed her running experience. "I know there's a bigger purpose in my training. My race is not just about me; it is about supporting an organization that I strongly believe in." This sense of purpose adds depth to her runs, propelling her forward with a mission to make a difference beyond the miles completed.

Reflecting on her journey, Hope shared a poignant moment that highlighted the profound impact of supporting GOTR. "Due to health issues, I struggled with whether or not I should even try to run the race I was signed up for, but the week before, I got an envelope from GOTR with a handwritten thank you note from some of the girls... those made me very emotional & reminded me that the race was not about me." The heartfelt gestures from the girls served as a powerful reminder of the greater cause she was running for.

As Hope continues her training for the Queen Bee 4 Miler, her dedication to supporting GOTR's mission remains unwavering. "Being a girl is tough and this program gives these girls a much-needed boost in self-confidence." Through her involvement as a SoleMate, Hope embodies the spirit of empowerment and solidarity, leaving a lasting impact on the lives of girls in her community. 

Thank you, Hope, for your inspiring dedication to GOTR girls in our community. We’ll be cheering you on through all of your races this year and beyond!

If you’d like to join GOTR Cincinnati’s team of SoleMate goal-getters, you can learn more and do that here:


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