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GOTR Cincinnati

GOTR Cincinnati

Empowering Local Girls: Your Financial Impact Multiplied

A team of GOTR girls runs on a track toward the viewer. Text reads: Finish Strong, Start Stronger

In the spirit of empowering local girls, we are excited to share various ways you can make a meaningful difference in their lives. Your financial support of GOTR’s programs goes beyond numbers; it's about creating opportunities, fostering confidence, and enabling growth. Here's how you can contribute to the health and wellness of girls in our 13-county footprint.

1. Scholarship Options:

  • $2800 – Sponsor 16 girls for a year (or one full team for one season)

  • $1400 – Sponsor 8 girls for a season (1/2 team)

  • $700 – Sponsor two girls for a year

  • $350 – Sponsor a girl for a year

  • $175 – Sponsor a girl for a season

When you choose one of these options, you directly impact the lives of girls, providing them with the chance to participate in Girls on the Run programs, fostering positive habits, and building lasting friendships. Give now.

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2. Footwear for Success:

  • $960 – Provide professional fit athletic  shoes for a team – courtesy of our friends at Fleet Feet 

Thanks to our partnership with Fleet Feet, you can contribute to the well-being of a whole team by ensuring they have quality, well-fitted shoes. It's a step towards creating a supportive environment where all girls can run and play confidently and comfortably.

3. Supporting the Journey:

  • $100 – Healthy snacks for a team for 20 lessons

  • $50 – Season’s worth of coaching supplies - including lap counters, first aid kit, markers, etc.

Your support is not just about the physical; it's also about nourishing minds and providing the tools needed for effective coaching. With healthy snacks and coaching supplies, you contribute to an environment that encourages learning, teamwork, and the overall well-being of each participant.

By choosing any of these giving options, you play a vital role in empowering local girls. Your generosity transcends financial contributions; it becomes a catalyst for positive change, shaping the future of these young individuals. Together, let's create a community where every girl has the opportunity to thrive, learn, and grow. Thank you for being a champion of empowerment and making a lasting impact on the lives of the girls in our neighborhood.

Help GOTR girls start the year STRONG in 2024! Donate now.



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