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Maria Kretchik

Maria Kretchik

Long-Time GOTR Coach Shares Her Thoughts About Our Program

Maria Kretchik, long-time GOTR Cincinnati Volunteer Coach, shares her thoughts on what having a GOTR team does for a community. After coaching for 28 SEASONS (!!!), she knows the life-changing influence of our program.

"Every practice with our Blue Ash YMCA team is a heartwarming reminder of the transformative power of Girls on the Run. As a community site, we bring together girls from various schools and backgrounds, each unique and full of potential. They may begin as individuals, but they quickly form a bond over shared goals and experiences. 

It's truly a joy to witness how each girl contributes her unique energy to the team, creating an environment where everyone thrives. By the end of the season, they realize their potential is limitless, and the finish line is just the beginning.

The impact of this program extends beyond individual achievement to the heart of our community as these girls take the skills they learned and their spirits radiating with star power, back into their homes, schools and neighborhoods. Getting to be a part of their journey is what continually inspires me to return as a coach season after season!"

You can support girls like the ones on Maria’s community site team in 2024 by donating to GOTR Cincinnati now! Your generosity will enable us to reach more local girls who will in turn become young leaders in their communities. Give now.

Maria K

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