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Leslie Nienhaus

Leslie Nienhaus

My Choice to Support Girls on the Run


My Choice to Support Girls on the Run

Girls on the Run stands out to me for its unwavering commitment to helping every girl to reach her limitless potential. The impact of GOTR is nothing short of inspiring and just like the program itself, it is a team effort to make it happen. It requires hundreds of volunteers and donors to successfully execute each season.  

The power of GOTR has left an impression on me, and I have now seen it from various perspectives as a coach, parent, and volunteer. I am, and always have been, incredibly enthusiastic about empowering young girls. Witnessing the positive changes brought about by GOTR’s curriculum and programming has inspired me to fully invest my time, talent, and treasure in supporting the mission.

Girls on the Run is a beacon of hope for all girls. It is a program that steps in to address the critical needs of young girls, providing a sanctuary where they can explore their emotions, learn the art of collaboration with peers, and become better friends with themselves and each other. I witness it weekly during my time as a coach and I have seen the lessons come to life daily with my own daughter. 

In a world where it is easy to feel overwhelmed by the scale of the challenges posed to females, supporting Girls on the Run has become my way of making a tangible difference. I know the impact we make today will cause a wave of change into the future as these young girls become the women who will be the leaders of our future. 

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